Updated: 3/18/2020

Storyboard Description

Today we see with great concern how our students are subjected to long school days, misuse and use of free time and an inadequate investment of their leisure and personal activities in activities that exacerbate sedentary lifestyle and raise the rates of childhood illnesses and youth for greater dedication and use of the means and technological elements. Through this comic strip we want to sensitize each of them in the proper handling of regular physical activity in the development of their daily lives.

Storyboard Text

  • How are you guys? I am your new trainer.
  • coach, but I have never practiced any sport
  • My brother and I sometimes play
  • Ok guys !!! the first thing we will do is a warm-up
  • ¡At school we often do warm-ups!
  • Now we are going to always heat up, before playing
  • generally if we don't stretch we can have injuries ... Lucia we are going to play!
  • Ready coach
  • My brother was in his first soccer training yesterday
  • Great !, I also want to learn to play
  • My cousin was also, she says that she will do it frequently to learn to play
  • I'm very happy Lucia, Susi can also train with us
  • Coach, this is my cousin susi, she will occasionally be with me in training
  • Lucia how was soccer training?
  • See you later!!! Come on little sister
  • See you tomorrow in training guys
  • Of course if my little susi
  • Luci, would you normally go with them to train?
  • See you tomorrow laura