Lord of the Flies Chapter 10

Updated: 5/23/2021
Lord of the Flies Chapter 10

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  • Piggy are you the only one left?
  • There are still some littluns and they are collecting wood
  • That was murder
  • Ralph we didn't do anything wrong, we were outside the circle
  • Look Ralph, we got to forget this!
  • Was the dance good?
  • We got lost after the feast
  • We left early because we were tired
  • Tomorrow we shall hunt! Make sure to have people watching so they don't sneak in!
  • Why would they sneak in, Chief?
  • They will and they will try to spoil what we do!
  • What will we use for lighting the fire
  • We shall take the fire from the others today
  • Yeah we were fighting Jack and his hunters!
  • I thought they were going for the couch! They came for something else!
  • I gave one of 'em what for! I smashed one up alright
  • Are you guys all right?
  • So did I! I hit him in the pills with my knee