Updated: 3/10/2021

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  • Yes! Dannery is sleeping like always she won't want to come.
  • I should get out of bed all I do is sleep.
  • Hi Honey, Do you want to go to dinner? Where's Dannery?
  • I'm going to make some cookies! Oh but theres no eggs. I will go out to buy some
  • Hi M- Oh they left, without me
  • Thank you for calling us!
  • Where? I can't see you. Well be ready for school!
  • oh my god, theres a fire! I'm going to call 911.
  • hm the eggs look a little weird. It's okay.
  • I am so tired! It's getting pretty late. I'm going to buy eggs from here, I won't be able to make it to the store before dark.
  • it's starting to rain. The cookies look so good
  • The cookies were so good but they tasted a little weird. Oh no the lights went off I'll light up a candle
  • Dannery? Where are you?
  • I wonder where she is
  • OMG. I'm invisible I can't see myself
  • Here Mom
  • *Randomly clap*
  • Omg. I'm visible again.
  • I wonder why mom couldn't see me