Fashion Needed During Isolation

Updated: 7/30/2020
Fashion Needed During Isolation

Storyboard Description

The purpose of this comic is to educate on the correct way of dressing (fashion) in times of the coronavirus threat (social distance); In case of not attending the warnings, see the possible consequences. By: Daniel Fernando Gómez Ramírez_FAP_10°1

Storyboard Text

  • Ad on the Tv
  • Okay, I'll stay here waiting for you.
  • It's okay baby, I'm ready for the date with you.
  • Coronavirus risk in the street!
  • Hang out with his friend
  • Let's go to buy candies.
  • Where will we go?
  • Contagious Time
  • Thanks for candies.Ann see you outside.
  • Look, here I pay you.
  • Bob and Ann will go out.In the news the reporter talks about the risk of contagion of coronavirus by contact and by disobedience. They don't pay attention.
  • On the hospital 3 days later...
  • Bob and Ann go out to buy candies in a shop without coronavirus protection.
  • Go to shopping!
  • Hi! Welcome to fashion in social isolation. Buy here to be safe.
  • Ann touches the hand of candies seller and she gets coronavirus.The seller was infected.
  • He' ready; He's safe
  • This is the fashion in social covers my body and protects it from coronavirus.
  • Ann is coronavirus-positive and is admitted to the hospital.Bob is safe without contagion by coronavirus.If Ann had used the correct clothes to prent the contagious by coronavirus, She would be fine now.
  • If I had used the correct fashion in social isolation during coronavirus, I would have been well and with health.It could be a protection.
  • Bob doesn't want to be infected with coronavirus, so he is going to buy clothes that help him to be protected, so that he can get out safely.He saw the example of his friend Ann.
  • Hi!It's okay, I will buy something...
  • Bob goes out with his new fashion against coronavirus and now he's relaxed and safe.He would have had coronavirus if he had not used the correct protection clothes (fashion).
  • I'll call Ann to know how is she.I would have got coronavirus if I had not used this clothes.