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Updated: 3/8/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The South African revolution
  • Acceptance
  • White Building
  • Complaining
  • Danny Zarco3/8/20Humanities
  • Protest
  • In the year 1910 South Africa was finally created and was only allowed to have very few owned land of it by law because of the white people taking over the land.
  • Revolution
  • The non-whites had been very upset with what the whites had been doing and had said enough is enough. They lost there country and were gave practically nothing. They couldn't do simple things like eat by a white or even get married. There was nothing the blacks were doing to stop it either.
  • Recovery
  • When the Africans decided to fight back for there freedom and rights, the police had been very upset with what they had been attempting to do so they decided to hurt the protesters and get them out causing over 60 people to die and 180 wounded. The leaders of all this had been sent to prison for life and sooner or later there were riots all across the country
  • The leader of Africa, (de clark) had all the opposition leaders come and help him hoping he can build a strong and good government with some really good ideas. But this took a turn for a change. But soon after this, the ANC and Zulu caused a war against eachother causing over 15,000 people to sadly die.
  • In 1994, a new reelection happened that had included any race. Because of this, there finally was the first black president Nelson Mandela. Even though it was exciting that he became president, the government was suffering and had an AIDS pandemic.