The War That Saved My Life

Updated: 9/3/2020
The War That Saved My Life

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Protagonist
  • Antagonist
  • "Look at that ugly foot, and this dumb girl."
  • "Stop!"
  • In the novel, The War That Saved My Life, everyday the neighborhood children play outside in front of Ada's flat. Because of Ada's clubfoot she is not allowed to play with the other children. She is made to sit at the window, by Mam who is mean and abusive. It is sad because she wants to learn how to walk but her Mam wants her to only crawl.
  • External Conflict
  • Ada, the protagonist, is an 11 year old girl who was born with a clubfoot. Ada feels very scared of her Mom because she can be very critical. When the other kids play during the day, Ada attempts to try to teach herself to walk. Her foot bleeds and bleeds so Mam eventually catches her walking. For her punishment she has to stay in a cabinet over night.
  • Rising Action
  • "May I ride Butter?"
  • "Of course you may, Ada! Be home by dinner though!"
  • The clear antagonist of the book is Mam. Mam is Jamie and Ada's Mom. She works at a bar in the night and often sleeps in the day so she makes Ada do all the chores. She favors Jamie because he is a boy and he does not have a clubfoot. I think that she wants to punish Ada because she thinks that she made a mistake in her pregnancy.
  • Climax
  • "Hi! I it is such a beautiful day isn't it?!"
  • "Um?"
  • The main external conflict is Ada's clubfoot. Because of her clubfoot, she thinks that no one loves her and that she is ugly. Eventually she learns that she is loved and cared for by Susan. After a day in the country Ada realizes that she needs to ignore her foot and do what she wants to, so she starts to ride Susan's horse Butter.
  • "Can I go to the airfield?"
  • The rising action, is when Ada and Jamie sneak out of there house to go to the country side of England because of the bombs from WWII. When Ada and Jamie get to the country they are taken in by Susan. Unlike in London, Susan lets both Jamie and Ada play outside. When this happens Ada falls in love with Susan's horse butter.
  • "Sure! But, be home by dinner!"
  • The climax, is when Ada finds a spy on the beach. When this happens at first no one believes Ada when she found a spy, but soon the police realize that no one is suppose to go to the beach. When everyone hears that Ada found a spy, they think that she is a hero. This really boosts her self confidence.