Updated: 12/20/2019
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  • There lived a prince named Siddhartha. Siddhartha was a prince that was born in Hinduism. He was told he would become a great leader, that lead him to be isolated from the outside. Siddhartha was taught at his home with the best scholars. He also had a friend from the outside. The prince wanted to see the outside, He friends had agreed to take him outside.
  • Nirvana!
  • After his childhood friend took him outside of his castle, Siddhartha found out the unfortunate side of life. The prince had found an aging man, a sick man, and a dead man. With seeing suffering of the outside, Siddhartha wanted to find peace in the suffering. With that, the prince set off to relieve universal suffering.
  • Siddhartha had left his home and set off to prey. For years, Siddhartha preyed to gods in a cave. He ate only plain food of white rices and water. Called this the Middle Way. Even though Siddhartha was still human, he often forget to eat and drink. Siddhartha also had some followers. Still preying, Siddhartha changed under a tree. Losing his followers, he didn't care.
  • China
  • South-east Asia
  • One day under the tree, came an evil devil. The evil devil, wanted to take over the led position that Siddhartha is in. Siddhartha wasn't going to let the devil take over the position. Siddhartha called to the god to destroy the devil. The god did destroy the devil. With the devil gone, the prince finally found something to end suffering, Nirvana.
  • Now that Siddhartha found Nirvana, he didn't know if he wanted to shared the discovery  with others. The Brahma came to tell Siddhartha that he should teach. With that, Siddhartha taught Karma, the Four Noble Truths, the Setting in Motion the Wheel of the Dharma, and the Eight-fold Path. With his teaching, Siddhartha become The Buddha.
  • With Siddhartha last words, he told his followers to never follow one leader. With the Buddha dead, his followers had collected his sayings, and taught others about the religion. The religion had spread to other areas like Southeast Asia and to China. Yet, even though Buddhism was created in India, the religion didn't spread much to India.
  • Buddhism
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