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Chapter 6 Major Events
Updated: 10/15/2019
Chapter 6 Major Events
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  • I'm turning myself in...
  • Johnny is deciding to turn himself in because he feels that if he does, the punishment won't be bad. Dally is flabbergasted like a child at a surprise birthday. Ponyboy is not very surprised since he has been through alot lately, and he understands Johnny.
  • Why am I not scared?
  • When Dally is driving, he starts showing emotion. This has never been seen before from him, as Dally always acts like the tough guy. Crying and wallowing, Dally shares his true thoughts about how he really feels.
  • As Dally, Johnny, and Ponyboy are driving, they see an ominous glow coming from the church. Turns out, it is a fire! The car comes to a halt. SCREECH!! All three of them hop out of the car and run towards the church finding out that there are trapped kids inside.
  • Ponyboy and Johnny are the first to hop into the church to rescue the scared kids. Ponyboy though, was not scared for some weird reason. It was almost like he had major confidence.
  • As they are both trying to get kids out, Ponyboy realizes that Johnny is smiling. That surprised Ponyboy because he is so used to Johnny being aloof. This shows a major change in Johnny.
  • After all the kids get out, Johnny gets hit with a falling floorboard, sending him the the ER. When Ponyboy sees him all scratched up and passed out., Ponyboy feels upset and shameful. Then, Darry and Soda show up. Screeching and hollering, Ponyboy jumps into Soda and Darry's arms.
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