Romeo And Juliet remix

Romeo And Juliet remix

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The Week of Our Lives. Ahmod Simmons was an all-star lockdown cornerback for his team, The South Pointe Stallions (NFL). Cameron Moss was also an elite all American WR who choose to come play with the stallions. The 2 lined up at the line of scrimmage and from the start Ahmod jammed him, but Cameron got off him and ran past him and caught the pass for a touchdown. Everyone on the team started yelling and laughing at Ahmod so he got mad at Cameron and pushed him. The 2 began to fight and coaches eventually broke it up and suspended them (Three civil brawls bred of an airy word By thee, old Capulet, and Montague, Have thrice disturb'd the quiet of our streets(Act 1 ll. 86 – 96) During Ahmod suspension he met this girl named Sinclair at Chick-fil-a. Sinclair was the prettiest girl he had ever seen. Sinclair also thought Ahmod was very very handsome. Ahmod went up to Sinclair and shot his shot and he got her number. In her head she knew that him and Cameron had a beef but she didn’t want to care about that. "O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” (Act 2 ll. 6-33) On the way out of Chick-fil-a Ahmod seen Cameron and they said a couple of bad choice words to each other, but left it at that because they didn’t want to get in trouble again. "'Tis but thy name that is my enemy Thou art thyself…” (Act 2 ll. 38-44) Paragraph 2 That night Ahmod called Sinclair and they really liked each other. They decided to go to sleep on the phone, with thought or reasoning Ahmod said “Goodnight, I love you.” The crazy thing about it was Sinclair said the same exact thing, but they didn’t notice it until they both went silence. When Ahmod woke up, Sinclair woke up. The 2 discussed what they said last night and that’s where the plan magically started. Ahmod told Sinclair that he was tired of talking to every girl and he wanted a whole wife who gone listen and hold him down. Sinclair told Ahmod she was tired of every guy being the same lame, overzealous, cheating, lying, Stealing, Killing, gang banging, Scared of commitment little boy they claim their not. Ahmod reassured her that he was a good faithful/loyal person now and he was serious about getting married. She thought he was playing until Ahmod pulled the ring out and told her “I want you for forever.” They get all sentimental and kissy lovey dovey. Sinclair says she’ll commit if he commits. They both commit and wants to get married. That morning, Ahmod went to his 3rd cousin on his daddy Rontarius side because Ron was a priest. Ahmod tells Ron that later today he wants him to marry him and Sinclair today. Rontarius was skeptical about marrying his cousin to a girl he met only 24 hours ago, but Ron agrees and Ahmod went on his way. Sinclair went to her sister, Alicia, for a wedding dress. Sinclair’s people was happy to hear that she found love and was getting ready to marry so they gave everything to her free of charge. Sinclair’s whole family is excited except for her 4th brother, Cameron. Cam didn’t like Ahmod not one bit and was going to fight him on sight, if no one was around to snitch. Sinclair really didn’t care because Cameron was her 4th brother and the youngest out of all her brothers. Now it is time for the wedding and the couple get married and walked off into an ally because the sunset was a little too hot because they had on tux’s and dresses. Little do Ahmod know Cameron was doing his daily jog around the city to stay in shape for football. The 2 saw each other and it was on sight. They fought for a good minute then Sinclair told them stop and was holding Ahmod. Ahmod was so angry he broke loose and actually killed Cameron by cracking a glass table on his head. Sinclair was so shocked she ran away from Ahmod. Paragraph 3 Ahmod gets scared so he packs his stuff to move out the country. Later that night while Ahmod is packing he receives a call from Sinclair. Sinclair says that she forgives him only because she know he didn’t mean it. Ahmod told her that he decided to just move out the country. Sinclair was shocked because she didn’t want him to move out. "Give me my Romeo…” (Act 3 ll. 21-28) Ahmod was confused because she wants him to stay but he just killed somebody, he knew for sure he was definitely not staying. Sinclair said “If you go, then I’ll go too.” They plan to leave tomorrow so they good get some sleep tonight before they go on the run. Sinclair didn’t go to sleep, instead she was up talking to her sister. She told Alicia that she was leaving with Ahmod and not coming back and she wanted to know if she’s doing the right thing. Alicia told her whatever she wanted to do deep down inside is what she should do. The plan was to wake up and be normal because nobody seen the dead body in the ally way yet. They was going to carefully clean the crime scene from fingerprints and then call in an anonymous tip, but they have to be in a whole different country by the time because they could use Ahmod as a possible suspect. They would be somewhere foreign and live happy without any worries. They were going to meet up a block away from the ally and take a “Normal” walk to the ally. After the 2 clean the crime scene they’ll split up and meet at the airport parking lot. That morning Ahmod’s cousin, De’monte, sent him a screenshot of Sinclair “supposedly” telling another man I love you. Ahmod lost his mind. He made a plan to kill her with her brother in the ally and then escape out the country. So the next day Ahmod’s playing normal and then all of a sudden he feels that he get shot in his back. Little do he know all along Sinclair was playing him. She was planning to kill him after he killed her 4th brother Cameron. She planned to act like she forgive Ahmod and then act like she wanted to leave the country with him. Sinclair’s plan was to make it look like Cameron and Ahmod killed each other take both their Money savings and escape the country. Sinclair stood over Ahmod and said “Ain’t nothing sweeter than revenge.”

Storyboard Text

  • Cameron Moss running pass all-star lock down corner Ahmod Simmons. Ahmod gets mad and a fight breaks out between them. This is where the feud begins.  (Three civil brawls bred of an airy word  By thee, old Capulet, and Montague,  Have thrice disturb'd the quiet of our street (pg. 15 ll. 86 – 96)
  • Come on man..
  • You trash my guy. 
  • This was where Ahmod and Sinclair Moss first fell in love and he asked for her number. "O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?” (Act 2 ll. 6-33)
  • Awe thank you, you fine too and yes :)
  • Hey pretty girl, you look beautiful today. Can I get your number? 
  • That night Ahmod and Sinclair agrees to marry each other and their first time saying i love you. "Give me my Romeo..." (Pg. 131 ll. 20-25)
  • I love you, too !  
  •    I love you.  
  • This is when Ahmod and Sinclair gets their wedding planned in 1 day and got married by ron on the walk board with the sun setting. "O my love, my wife!..." (pg. 227 ll. 90-91)
  • I do!
  • Do you want to marry Sinclair? 
  • OMG i cant believe you killed my brother 
  • Ahmod and Sinclair walks into an ally and see Cameron and Ahmod ends up killing Cameron. He was about to escape the country but Sinclair said she wanted to go with him and escape.  "'Romeo is banished,..."(pg. 137 ll. 124-126)
  • Dang, i killed him 
  • Aint nothing sweeter than revenge 
  • Sinclair wa plotting to kill Ahmod after he killed her brother Cameron and she took his money and escaped . (pg. 203 ll49)
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