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Volume Pt.2
Updated: 5/14/2018
Volume Pt.2
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  • Wait this ball looks different lets find the circumference!!!
  • Pass the ball Lequsha!!
  • They stop playing...
  • Really? Okay
  • So this one is different, this shape is a sphere the formula is V= 4x3.14(pie)x r (three) divided by 3
  • Yea so the radius is 2 so you cube that and its 8x3.14x4 and divide that by 3
  • Hold up... the answer is 100.48!!
  • Really?
  • That was good, but im pretty hungry. Wanna go get an ice-cream?
  • Sure, lets go!
  • They head over to the ice-cream shop..
  • ugh okay gurl last object!
  • Yes, can we get 2 ice-cream cones?
  • What can I do you for?
  • Starquehsa, lets measure these objects to!!
  • So since this is a cone the volume is V= 1/3x3.14(pie)x r(squared)x height
  • So do 1/3x3.14x 3 and square that which is 9 now x 4
  • Hope you enjoy!
  • Wow this gets easier when you do it!
  • Got it! Its 113.04
  • Well today was a long day!
  • Have a nice day!
  • Yeah! Lets go home.
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