cosa rara
Updated: 6/2/2020
cosa rara

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cosa rara

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  • son, i'm so proud you´re giving a conference
  • thank you dad. i want to make a change in the ambient here in Colombia
  • Bogotá, Colombia, 2021
  • oh no, estos chinos vienen a pegarme el virus
  • so i'm giving the speech tomorrow.
  • it's going to talk aboy how the quarantine affected the air
  • we came from Vietnam
  • ¡Qué increíble! se oye muy interesante.
  • then the quality turned quite better when the quarantine started, because people were on their houses. barely hangin out
  • The air contamination in the city of medellin was in a standar before the quarantine.
  • And the cycle happened a couple times. People got scared, then quite. And so did air quality.
  • But the economy reactivated and people forgoT the virus.
  • with this action, the air quality turned better and got estabilized
  • at the end of the of the pandemy, people turned down their consumist comportments.
  • today at day, Colombia has an international recognition for following very well, and being an examplke of paris treat from the ambiental care.