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Updated: 3/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • We like each other, but our families have a long-standing feud.
  • We really don't like each other. Let's duel.
  • Someone related to Juliet
  • Romeo's friend
  • I killed someone related to Juliet, when the duel went wrong and my friend was mortally wounded. I am now in exile, so the only reasonable thing to do is sneak back.
  • I still like you. We are secretly married, which happened earlier
  • I have an arranged marriage.
  • Someone gave me this potion which would put me in a comatose state till the arranged wedding is over.
  • Fearing she is dead, I will take my life as well
  • I found Romeo's corpse. I will now die.
  • Having both died, the families of Romeo and Juliet decide to stop the feud