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Updated: 5/26/2021
WA2 Storyboard

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  • You know what? I'm so sick of you can we just divorce already?!
  • keeps
  • My mom
  • me
  • is starting to act weird...
  • hitting
  • now
  • she
  • stay
  • These few months have been torturous. She's now a new person and I feel ignored and... abused. I'm not sure what happened but she told me that I reminded her of my father.
  • After school
  • I should call the ambulance!
  • Wait... this is my chance to leave her
  • Your mom has had a sudden heart attack. Her vitals are stable. You may go home first and we will update you throughout the days
  • My neighbor saw what happened and called the ambulance
  • Those few days without my mom was heaven. I finally felt free.
  • Dear Carina, we are pleased to inform you that your mother will be discharged in a few days.
  • All of a sudden, I received a letter...
  • How I wish the letter never came