Updated: 4/3/2021

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  • I shall follow it and see what it wants
  • You shall not go,my lord.
  • *waves Hamlet to come near him*
  • Where wilt thou lead me? Speak
  • My hour is almost come. Lend thy serious hearing
  • Oh my! My Uncle?? I shall seek revenge for my father
  • Revenge the foul and unnatural murder of me. The serpent that did sting thy father's life Now wears his crown.
  • The ghost appears and tells Hamlet to follow but Horatio and Marcellus thinks it's a bad idea and tells him not to.
  • Hamlet follows the ghost outside and demands the ghost to speak and tell him where they were going
  • Hamlet agrees to listen and the ghost reveals that he is Hamlet's father spirit and that his uncle murdered him. Hamlet agrees to seek revenge for his father by any means.