Updated: 7/24/2020
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  • Oh hi, we are here because there was a big storm that has washed us to this place.
  • Excuse me, hi. Do you know why are we here?
  • By the way, my name is Oliver, you can also call me Oli.
  • My name is Sam, nice to meet you.
  • Ouch, that is so pain, stop hitting me. Oh no! What is that thing there, and why are we round now
  • Oh good morning, we are round because we keep hitting each other. The thing there is actually a part of our body that fell out, this is called attrition
  • I'm going to give Sam this limestone for his birthday, he will sure like it.
  • Oh nevermind. This is a process called solution, that means all things that can dissolve in water will be dissolved
  • Happy birthday, Sam. Sorry, I actually prepared a very good limestone for you but it disappeared today, I really don't know what happen.
  • The next day...
  • Hi Sam, do you know what happened to the river bank, why does it have so many crack. It wasn't like that the first day we are here.
  • Oh, my teacher just taught me at school last month. This is a process called hydraulic auction, it has cracks on it because water is forced as it flowed very fast
  • Finally you have a question. This is called abrasion. It is when the rocks and sand scrape the river bank and wears them away.
  • Oh, Oli, I have a question. Do you know why the stone there has been worn away.
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