Updated: 2/9/2021

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  • Charley wants to go to war but his mom thinks its dangerous. Charley tells his mom it will be quick and he will also get paid.
  • No it will be dangerous.
  • Mom i have to go its gonna be short and ill get paid !
  • Charley is confused and tired that there only has been drills after drills and no war . He starts to think that there will be no war.
  • Charley Is kinda happy he is being sent to war he feels the emotions . He sees all the people who are cheering them on pretty girls kids and even a slave that left charley thinking of what he was fighting for !
  • Yay finally I am going to War.
  • Charley saw one of his friends Nelson got shot in the stomach .They both knew that when someone was shot in the stomach they were gone.So Nelson did not want to keep on the pain so charley handed him a rifle.
  • In the second war charley thought he got shot he went to the doctors tent and had to wait but the doctor needed help because his hands were freezing. So Charley had to stack up bodies for the doctor to work better.
  • 1867, Charley returned from the civil war and was not the same anymore he was old for his age (21) and was already using a walking stick.Charley also found a Revolver from one of the revel soldiers and started thinking.
  • is it worth it anymore .