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Updated: 11/10/2020
Storyboard Integrated
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  • What I believe is that an important organ of your digestive system isn't working, so I'm going to give you these pills and the pain will go away in a few days.
  • What happen?!
  • I'm going to check you and find out what's wrong with you
  • What's happening to me, doctor?
  • One day, Jorge felt a pain in his stomach but he let it pass, after a few days the pain was felt from his belly to his mouth, so he decided to talk to his doctor to find out what he recommended to do.
  • This is because your digestive system isn't working in the right way, so we have to operate you
  • Why doctor?!
  • 1 week passed and Jorge still felt the intense pain in his entire digestive system, it was so intense that it didn't let him work well, when suddenly, Jorge fainted and his wife took him to the hospital to see a well-known doctor
  • You must be careful with what you eat because if you eat damaged or bad food in excess it would affect your digestive system, since the digestive system is one of the systems that allow our body to function and if you don't take care of it you will die!
  • At the hospital, Jorge begins to tell the doctor that he has had an intense pain in all his digestive system for 2 weeks.
  • To take good care of your digestive system, the main thing is drink enough water, eat fruit and do moderate exercise, this do our digestive system work in a right way
  • After the doctor checks Jorge, she tells him that he has a very serious infection which attacks his entire digestive system to the point of killing him.
  • After the operation, the doctor begins to explain the importance of the digestive system and why he must take care of it from now
  • Finally, the doctor gives Jorge some tips for how to take good care of his digestive system.
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