Digital Storytelling "Life Flashes Before your Eyes"

Updated: 9/6/2021
Digital Storytelling "Life Flashes Before your Eyes"

Storyboard Text

  • Why are my friends taking so long? I want to see if we have the same classes together...
  • Ryan is waiting for his friends at the bus stop, excited to go to school. He's a teenager that loves biking and hanging put with his friends.
  • Rose gets upset with Ryan, because he decides to go biking with his friends even though she said "NO" to him
  • Ryan! You can't leave the house! Tomorrow is a school day!
  • He bikes and finds his friends on the road, just to be seriously hit by a car, and taken to a hospital by an ambulance. His friends are in shock!
  • I can't believe what happened@
  • We need to call Rya'ns mom!
  • Ryan's friend, Alex, calls his mom. She's hysterical and in shock when she learns about the accident.
  • NOOO! My son no!
  • Ryan needs surgeries, and is in the ICU for months. His mom is worried, meanwhile he's unconscious but thinking about his life, and he he could have done.
  • I want to wake up, apologize to my mom, and start over again. Please God give me a new chance!
  • After two months Ryan wakes up in PT, he has a mission to accomplish.: to help teenagers like him to be careful on the roads.
  • I am so excited about this new project. Will you guys help me?
  • Of course Ryan!