Updated: 2/14/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Harrods
  • The advertisement begins with Harrods’s storefront the outside in the morning
  • Then you hear a couple of beeps and the scene jump into the cashier counter where Mr. Bean places his items on such as pastries, anew Tom Ford red tie, and a box of Godiva chocolate while holding Teddy, his plush bear.
  • It then shows Harry Potter casting a locomotion spell to move the items into a Harrods paper bag after beeping through the register with a wave of his magic wand. That surprised Mr. Bean
  • Suddenly, out of nowhere, Loki comes crashing through the roof landing on the floor slightly away from the cashier counter. Mr. Bean and Harry is shocked while Teddy falls to the ground.
  • Harry runs out of the store and Mr. Bean picks up Teddy while looking above from a bright glow. Thor, son of Odin is seen floating down through the hole in the roof. Loki shows a sign of fear of Thor, son of Odin.
  • When Loki catches a delicious whiff and starts floating magically towards the smell. Thor, son of Odin, with his superb sense of smell, too catches the smell. He quickly flies away towards the origin of the smell.