ART Project
Updated: 3/29/2021
ART Project

Storyboard Text

  • Mary is awoken to screaming baby voices and realizes she was kidnapped by a man named Danny B. The 2 kids are looking pretty savage and Mary decides to escape this room.
  • Mary manages to escape room one. She is lead to another room which looks pretty empty other than a machine filled with meatballs and another person. That person is actually a Danny B. guard which was sent on patrolling and Mary has to fight him to escape.
  • After clearing level 2, Mary comes into another room just to see two kids sleeping. They seem pretty angry and Mary has to fight them to get to the next level.
  • Mary walks into a new room, and gasps as she sees a big rat and a big spider. There is a huge tesla in front of her and she has to use it to defeat them.
  • Mary steps into a room connected to the previous room through a door and sees 4 big grenades. She picks them up and continues.
  • This is the last level of this stage and Mary encounters a horde of zombies. She has to use the weapons to destroy them...