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Roman Republic
Updated: 9/9/2020
Roman Republic
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Storyboard Description

A quick summary of Rome, politically and geographically throughout its time as a monarchy and a republic.

Storyboard Text

  • I shall form a monarchy, to assure that I will have the most control over Italy...
  • I, Romulus, have slayed my brother, Remus, and shall now rule all of Rome!
  • I will lead this civilization to great power!
  • We would like to run for Senate again!
  • I Hear that we will soon be adopting the polytheistic religion of the Greeks
  • Finally, Rome will be free of its tyrannical monarchy. We will now be treated fairly by all.
  • My father believes that the high and lower classes, Patricians and Plebians believed that kings started to abuse their power.
  • We, the Praetors, shall conduct this trial under the code of the Twelve Tables
  • We act as the Judges of Rome, meanwhile, the Senate contains the 600 leaders of Rome, who elect 2 Consuls to carry out Legislation.
  • I'm glad that I will at least be seen in a positive manner during the trial
  • We ought to make a law to stop them from running for office so often...
  • With our Legions, we shall surely rule all of the Mediterranean, our region!
  • From our origin place of Italy, to the Mediterranean sea, everything has come under the control of Rome!
  • Thanks to our militia, we have gained control of the Mediterranean region.
  • I also get absolute power due to our Democratic Republic.
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