Alexander the Great
Updated: 2/4/2021
Alexander the Great

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  • 336 BC - After King Philip II died when celebrating his daughters wedding Alexander took over at only age 20 but he was as strong a leader as his father was.
  • Within a year Alexander had destroyed the Thebes enslaving them to show to people that if they ever revolted against him this is what would happen to them.
  • This is what you get
  • Even though the Persians had a bigger army then his he knew that his troops were more well trained and prepared for the battle then the Persians were and that is why they successfully defeated them.
  • After defeating the Persians Alexander went to Egypt (which was apart of the Persian empire at the time) though they didn't fight because the Persian governor surrender after hearing about Alexanders skill in fighting, they crowned him pharaoh and soon after the Persian king was killed an Alexander became the ruler of Persia.
  • Alexander still wanted to expand his empire so Alexander lead his troops through Central Asia. In 327 BC Alexander and his troops crossed the Indus River and he wanted to push deeper into India but his soldiers were to exhausted so they went home.
  • In 325 BC Alexander left India but he never made it back to Greece because in 323 BC on his way back, Alexander visited the city of Babylon and got sick, he died a few days later at the age of 33. After he died he was buried in a golden coffin in Egypt.