The Ring's Gospel(Pioco part)

Updated: 4/3/2021
The Ring's Gospel(Pioco part)

Storyboard Text

  • Price Payed For the Ring
  • Aoooo!!!! What's happening to my finger! It hurrrrrrts!!!
  • Ahhhhh!!!
  • You're so strange, am I not handsome? Why do you ignore me???
  • Witnessing Earness
  • Because I believe helping others with true heart is more important! I enjoy doing this the most.
  • Understanding The Importance Of Being True
  • I really feel good to be true!
  • Piocco suddenly feels a strike of extreme stain on his finger coming from the Ring. His face twists in picture of extreme agony. He shouts out desperately with painfulness with a frenzy voice and clutches the Ring as hard as he could. But, his attempt to take off the Ring meets a dead end.
  • Piocco wanders off in the streets, where he finds a woman named Earness. Earness is not attracted by Piocco's looks, but continues to help others. Piocco is puzzled and goes up to ask why.
  • Piocco lifts the boxes of bread onto the cart, ready to go and help the homeless kids. He and Earness wink at each other. The Ring falls off and Piocco turns back to himself. Piocco smiles in relief and gratification.