atomic time line
Updated: 1/17/2020
atomic time line
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  • 1807 John Dalton revived the idea of the atom.
  • He thought that the atom was the smallest particle and a solid sphere like a billiard ball
  • he came up with the billiard ball model and atomic theory
  • 1897J.J. Thomson discovered the electron
  • plum pudding modelshowed the atom as a positive sphere with negative particles throughout
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  • 1911Ernest Rutherford discovered the nucleus
  • nuclear model shows protons in the nucleus and electrons outside
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  • everything is made of atomsall atoms of an element are identical in mass & propertiescompounds are combinations of different types of atomsa chemical reaction is a rearrangement of atoms
  • 1913Niels Bohr discovered energy levels
  • bright line spectrum
  • his experiments with the cathode ray tube showed that atoms contain subatomic particles with negative charges
  • 1926Erwin Schrodinger and quantum mechanics
  • nucleus
  • he shot a ray alpha particles at a piece of gold foil some of the particles were reflected and he concluded that a tiny, dense nucleus was responsible
  • vocabulary
  • Proton- subatomic particle with a positive charge found in the nucleus
  • Atom- the basic unit of matter
  • Energy level-the fixed amount of energy can a system have
  • explained the bright line spectrum on a hydrogen atom by assuming that electrons moved in a circular pattern. Also that electrons only exist on certain energy levels.
  • planetary model
  • He established the electron cloud where electrons are most likely to be found
  • electron cloud
  • Electron- a subatomic particle found in the electron cloud with a negative charge
  • Neutron- a subatomic particle with the same mass as a proton and a neutral charge
  • Orbital- patterns of potential electron density in an atom
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