Settling the West Storyboard
Updated: 2/8/2021
Settling the West Storyboard

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  • Hello my name is Roxana, my family moved west back before the 1870, when president Lincoln passed the Homestead act. The act gave my family 160 acres of land for free for moving out west
  • My family used the railroad to get to our new home, it made the trip quick and easy. While I was riding the train I was able to see the open range, which me me exited to see what our new life would be like.
  • The west didn't have a vary good conditions, most people weren't even able to build their homes out of wood like we were. Those people had to build what's called a Sod House, it was made form soil and grass.
  • While being out in the west I got to see all sorts of new inventions that I wasn't able to in the city. My favorite was the wind mill, which was a tall tower with a spinning disk at the to that would help to pump the water up form the ground wells.
  • One invention that I really like is the steel plow, the plow helps father with the farm work by pulling up the earth. One invention that I don't like was the barbed wire. The barbed wire are these spiky round things that father uses to keep the animals in an in-closer.
  • The settlement's effects weren't all good, with us moving in the native people ended up losing more of their land and we started having clashes with each other. Threw out the years the U.S. military had small battles with the native people, it was called the Indian Wars