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french revolution part 1 - kylie
Updated: 3/10/2020
french revolution part 1 - kylie
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  • I am going to leave.
  • You are the reason for our loss of money!
  • I am the King, and I have the power!
  • Please listen to the advices of J. Necker.
  • I feel that the third estate should be treated fairly, and taxed less.
  • Louis XIV leaves France in trouble after spending money lavishly, so they have poor harvest and national debt.
  • We should move our meeting place, so that he king doesn't send us away.
  • Louis XIV was an Absolute Monarch and was very weak, he did not follow the advices of J. Necker which made people very mad.
  • LET US IN!
  • The Estate System was made up of three estates in which the first estate included the clergy, the second included nobility, and the third included commoners. The third estate had the disadvantage and was taxed the most, while the other two estates were wealthy and were able to make a lot of money.
  • The government has treated me horribly!
  • The National Assembly met at a tennis court to take the tennis court oath where they promised not to disband until they created the constitution even though the kind tried to disband them.
  • The Storming of the Bastille was symbolic to the French people because it showed how much they went through with King Louis XIV and how angry they became. During this event, many prisoners were freed but commoners got courage because they had risen up against the nobles.
  • Émigrés are people who has emigrated, and in this case they left France because their whole lives were being affected and they had very little opportunities. They spoke about how they were being treated and it made an impact because they fought to take control of the government.
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