Crime investigation comic
Updated: 9/10/2020
Crime investigation comic

Storyboard Text

  • -Detective's Office
  • What were doing around the time of the murder?- Detective Cruz
  • I was getting ready to head over to IJUMP.- Mary
  • I was driving to start my shift at IJUMP. - Toby
  • Sydney no longer is a suspect because of her strong alibi.
  • >Detective Cruz is looking around for clues. He notices a hidden camera in the clock located on the number 12.
  • He also finds a chef hat hidden under the jukebox. He finds tainted blood on the hat. The blood on the hat matches Mrs. Penny's blood and it also matches a suspects fingerprints,
  • -The Diner
  • I am relived to finally solve the case.
  • Toby Anderson, you are under arrest for the murder of Mrs.Penny.
  • Jail