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Unknown Story
Updated: 5/7/2020
Unknown Story
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  • It was January 1st, 1833. Frederick Douglass, a slave, was hired out by Master Thomas to Mr. Covey, a well-known slave breaker who crushes resistance in stubborn slaves. 
  • Frederick Douglass's Journey to Freedom
  • Covey immediately gets Douglass started on his work. Douglass already knows that he will have a difficult time.
  • "Get to work!! Now!!" Covey yelled.
  • "Okay, master." said Douglass.
  • Douglass has no choice but to work. He is barely hanging on, while Mr. Covey beats him. The whip was a slithering, stinging snake on Douglass's back.
  • Douglass soon gets very sick from overworking and gets beaten by Covey even more and collapses. The whip was a venomous snake on his back. He couldn't handle this any longer, he had enough of this so he decides to run away. 
  • That night Douglass ran away, he ran into Sandy in the woods. Sandy was a fellow slave that Douglass was friends with. Sandy had a free wife and was on his way to meet her. They walked all the way to Sandy's wife's house where they could catch up and discuss. Douglass explained the situation to Sandy, and he gave the best advice he could. Sandy told him that he must take something with him before he goes back to Mr. Coveys'.
  • "You must go back to Mr. Covey, but before you go, you must take something with you."said Sandy.
  • "Okay, Sandy."
  • Sandy led Douglass deep into the woods. It was very late that night so the woods were practically asleep. Sandy picked up a certain root and explained to Douglass what to do in order to be protected. He must put the root on his right side. According to Sandy, it would be outrageous to think a slave master could ever whip him with this root. Douglass was suspicious and did not believe it but he took the root anyway. The very next day, Douglass departed back to Mr Covey's.
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