Aztec comic strip
Updated: 2/17/2021
Aztec comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • hello im zitac and im going to spy on the aztecs to learn their ways and then i will tell colhuacan
  • hi ruler im zitac what jobs can i do for you
  • yes your majesty
  • hi zitac you can pick some crops for me
  • wait only colhuacan people say that get him
  • im zitac and i came her to trade some feathers
  • i think i might go play some ball game so i can show the aztecs i should be a ruler
  • come get your feathers
  • ok
  • come get your coco beans
  • hi who are you
  • oh ok
  • are you ready to sacrifice
  • why does the king do human sacrifice
  • they do it to please the gods
  • yes king
  • time to head to the aztecs camp
  • woah this is cool i think i will become an aztec now the aztec ways are cool