ART storyboard that

Updated: 10/6/2021
ART storyboard that

Storyboard Text

  • ohhhh, i am very grateful what a nice company I'm very lucky.
  • boss, your time is up you can leave now
  • ok finally i can go home and rest.
  • it is not about to be the richest company in the world it is how to educate people and get for them a job
  • how does it feel to be the richest company in the world
  • hey can you tell me who inspired you to do the company
  • ok, see i will tell you the real reason but please don't expose me
  • come on man i am your friend why would i expose you just don't worry man
  • ok see, my father is an alcoholic and he did not have a job he said if i had a job i will quit
  • I'm glad to have you as a friend
  • so i did a company for my dad to get a job and now he works with me he is my right hand man