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My three top intelligences and 5 Suitable career options
Updated: 2/23/2020
My three top intelligences and 5 Suitable career options
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  • Introduction
  • In these panels, I will be demonstrating how my top three intelligences can help determine my future career path and how I can use these intelligences to explain why my skill set fits the requirements of certain job/career.
  • Yuve Bharjana, 770425 Ms.Walker GLC2O0
  • Multiple intelligences
  • Knowing your Multiple Intelligence's can help you in many ways. They help you learn more about yourself and help you determine your strengths and weaknesses so I encourage you to take the quiz and find out!
  • Why should I care what my multiple intelligences are?
  • My top three Intelligence
  • There are many career opportunities that fit each intelligence and in these panels I will also present to you, five suitable careers that fit each intelligence
  • List of intelligences Body smartPeople smart, Number smart, Nature smart, Self smart, Sound smart Picture smart, and Word smart
  • My top three intelligences:1.People smart (94%)2. Self Smart (84%)3.Body smart (84%)
  • In 1913. Dr.Howard Gardner came up with a theory that illustrated a different way of measuring ones intelligence. He challenged the traditional ways of measuring intelligence; IQ tests or general knowledge. His theory explained how a person can have multiple intelligences and how these intelligences can determine an individuals strengths and weaknesses .
  • Self smart(Intrapersonal Intelligence)
  • I know that I have anger issues and this can affect my life negatively. I will find a way to keep my emotions in control
  • Knowing your intelligence's can go a long way in helping you find a suitable career path. This is because, once you know how you learn and your strengths, you can pick and choose what career is suitable for you. It can prevent you from continuously changing your mind because you may not be able to show your skill set in a certain career. While another career path may make use of all your intelligences and skills.
  • People Smart (Interpersonal intelligence)
  • I have to calm him down or else he's gonna freak out
  • Top Intelligence
  • Just calm down, freaking out isn't gonna fix anything
  • According to this quiz I am 94 percent people 84 percent self and 84 percent body smart. My top intelligence being people smart, this means I can communicate effectively with others. I am also 84% body smart meaning, I have the ability to use and take care of my body as well as recognize my presence. Another intelligence I have is being self smart. This implies that I am self aware and know how I can keep my emotions in check.
  • Body Smart(Kinesthetic-bodily Intelligence)
  • I just have to make sure I follow through and I will drain this shot!
  • This event in my life portrays my personal intelligence because it helped me realize how my emotions were clouding my judgement and I decided to act on it. This decision helped me let my anger out and become a calmer and more self-aware person, it is a part of the reason why I have a high intrapersonal intelligence.
  • An example of me using this intelligence in my life was when I decided to start boxing. In the past I’ve let my emotions control my actions and this was a problem; I had anger issues. Using my intrapersonal intelligence, I was able to recognise that my behaviour was unacceptable. Therefore I decided that boxing was something I needed and also really wanted to do to let my anger out .
  • People with interpersonal intelligence can understand situations easily and know when and how to speak to people. They know how to effectively communicate with people to and through communication with others they are able to solve many problems. If one does not have this skill, they may have difficulty communicating and may be socially awkward or have a lot of miscommunication, causing problems in their life.
  • I use my top intelligence everyday to communicate with my friends, family, teachers, et cetera. Having this intelligence means that I can effectively and clearly communicate with others keeping in mind their moods, intentions and feelings. In this example I show how I’m using my words to calm down my extremely anxious friend. This shows that I have this intelligence because I am able to communicate with my friend while understanding his state of mind and successfully calm him down.
  • I know man, I think I'll just sleep on it
  • If you are a bodily smart person, you are able to coordinate well with your body and mind. You are able to determine which parts of your body will be used in a certain task or activity. Having this intelligence means you can perform physical tasks well and you have good dexterity.
  • I use my kinesthetic intelligence everyday when I am working out or playing a sport. In this example, I am playing basketball which requires a lot of hand-to-eye coordination which entails my bodily intelligence. Since I have been playing basketball along with other sports for a long time, I've developed this intelligence and now I can coordinate my body accordingly.
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