Updated: 12/12/2019
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  • Plants will move towards light.
  • Why is this grass looking like it is looking at the sun ?
  • phototropism is when plants react to light. Its is most likely the sun
  • The plants are reacting to a thing called Phototropism.They need light for photosynthesis.
  • Plants will tilt water if they are close to it like a river bank
  • Why are these plants growing in water ?
  • This is how plants get water for life.
  • These plants are reacting to hydrotropism. Because plants need water to live.
  • Why do plants grow on stuff like this ?
  • Thigmotropism is when a plant grows on stuff
  • The reason is the plants are reacting to Thigmotropism.
  • How is this tree staying in the ground.
  • Gravity is what keeps us from floating in the air.
  • That is because of geotropism "gravity."
  • The trees aren't because of Tugor preasure in its cells.
  • Tugor preasure can be seen by the looks of the tree.
  • Why are the trees not faced the same way ?
  • www.tropisms.comwww.sciencefacts.comIf the tropiosm is positive it will go towards the stimulus.
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