The Creation and Impact of Insulin

Updated: 7/9/2021
The Creation and Impact of Insulin

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  • The two scientists discovered the cure to diabetes making for one the greatest medical accomplishments in history.
  • Sir Frederick Banting is thinking of a way to more efficiently treat diabetics.
  • If the only there was a way we could give the diabetic an simple and easy way to survive.
  • The cure was announced on May 3rd 1922 was mass produced to be introduced to diabetics and successfully save many lives.
  • I know! I can find an internal secretion of the pancreas, that could cure it!
  • Insulin continues today to impact lives around the world and has and will help millions of people. It later went on to inspire many other medical discoveries in the passing decades. While it wasn't the cure to cancer, Frederick Banting and his team will be remembered for creating on the most helpful, cheap and efficient medical products.
  • So Sir Frederick Banting and his assistant Charles Best worked day night through the winter of 1921-22 with hundreds of experiments, some even on sets of dogs. But eventually...
  • We discorvered Insulin
  • We did it!