Strep Throat
Updated: 12/4/2019
Strep Throat

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  • now guards take him away.
  • are thee a fool or just acting? now...
  • opening night
  • you okay? there is something red on your throat
  • I'm sorry its just my head and my stomach hurt a lot.
  • sigh- listen i'm sorry i just got nervous, now come give your dad a hug!
  • messing up on opening night... you better have an explanation
  • it's over i'm useless my career is done i'm going to die.
  • Symptoms for strep throat are red and white patches on the throat, headache, fever, and a rash.
  • wow! I feel great after the antibiotics yesterday. Hmm... the doctor said take it 10 days but who cares i feel better so I just won't take the stuff anymore.
  • NO HUGS touching someone sick with strep throat could get you sick too! and not only hugs, any contact with a sick person gives you the risk of infection.
  • noooooooo
  • are thee a fool or just acting? now guards take him away.
  • Calm down! a strep throat is not something to be worried about. To heal a strep throat (because it's bacterial) all you have to do is drink antibiotics for about 10 days and you should feel better.
  • That is a very bad idea if you stop taking the antibiotics you will get sick again. So even if you feel better (after 24 hours) keep taking the antibiotics for 10 days to keep you and everyone around you safe.
  • See all better. After 10 days drinking antibiotics, she finally is feeling better and because there was no contact with anyone no one got sick.
  • STREP THROAT PSAMade by: Jude Hajsaleh