Walters Choices - Iris Lyons
Updated: 11/3/2020
Walters Choices - Iris Lyons

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  • If you a son of mine, tell her! You . . .
  • you are a disgrace to your father's memory.
  • Don't understand about building their men up and making 'em feel like they somebody. Like they can do something.
  • That is just what is wrong with the colored woman in this world...
  • The world's most backwards race of people.
  • Into the swamps!
  • and I wish that you would reconsider your decision
  • You getting rid of our child upsets me,
  • that's our son, Big Walter
  • I do support you but I believe that this dream you currently have will not work out, I want you to see how I feel about this also..
  • I wish you would support me and my dreams
  • I really wish that you two would believe in me, and support my ideas and dreams.
  • I wish you would do the same for me, the money is important to my future as a medical student....