Communism Cartoon
Updated: 3/15/2021
Communism Cartoon

Storyboard Text

  • what is communism?
  • Communism is when there are no social classes and the means of production are owned by all
  • Wait, what exactly does that mean? break it down for me.
  • You know social classes like upper, middle and lower class? Those things would not exist under communism
  • Really? What about the means of production? What is that and how does it relate to communism?
  • The means of production are the tools and recourses used to make products! And under communism, all people would share these things
  • What else would communism look like?
  • Under communism, there would be very weak government positions in an attempt to be as stateless of a system as possible
  • What is the goal of communism?
  • The goal of communism is to end the exploitation of the middle and lower classes by the rich upper class including how, according to the Communist Manifesto, only 1/10 of the population has private property and "private property is already done away with for nine-tenths of the population"
  • How would we do this?
  • According to The Communist Manifesto this would happen when the current system is forcibly overthrown and replaced with communism!