Updated: 12/7/2020

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  • in the primary succession, the first stage starts from nothing. pioneer plants are those that can grow without soil, such as lichens. Lichens begin breaking down a rock. it starts in a very plain and dry environment. these could come from volcanos. in the secondary succession they start from soil remains.
  • in the second stage of the primary succession, mosses usually star growing on the rocks with no soil. this is all natural.
  • in the third stage of the primary succession, grasses, herbs, scrubs and tree seeding (basically are starting to grow
  • in the fourth step of primary succession, is when the grasses grow and displace the pioneer species.
  • the fifth stage of primary succession, is when more nutrient in soil allows for shrub growth.
  • in the final stage, the soil increases in depth, and allows growth for trees.
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