Peer Pressure
Updated: 2/4/2021
Peer Pressure

Storyboard Text

  • I don't know, it isn't right.
  • Let's go in here and steal some sunglasses or something!
  • Oh don't be a bore, it'll be fun and we won't get caught.
  • But we might and I'll get in so much trouble if my mom finds out.
  • I'm still not gonna do it, i just have this feeling like something bad will happen.
  • Just come steal with me, it'll be fun. I've never gotten got.
  • I do trust you, but we aren't going to do the right thing.
  • Don't you trust me? Please just help me.
  • Because I wouldn't break a law?
  • Whatever, I'm done being friends with you. You aren't cool
  • Okoy bye? I least I didn't do anything wrong
  • Yup bye!