The Castle Part 3
Updated: 11/11/2020
The Castle Part 3

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  • Olyparchy and Meveracker later find Alfred Selene, who has returned and is also attacking the castle like them, except he wants to kill them first.
  • Olyparchy takes on Alfred while Meveracker goes on to finally confront Alaogon. It then begins to rain.
  • Meveracker found Alaogon planning the construction of a stone bridge. He tried to make peace with Alaogon and told him to order The Red Knight to stop attacking and to go help Olyparchy but he doesn't care.
  • Alaogon didn't care to the point where he didn't order someone to go kill Meveracker, who was technically his enemy. Meveracker couldn't do anything but stall until either Olyparchy or Chase and Myles got to him.
  • Meanwhile, Olyparchy and Alfred were still fighting, and Olyparchy was winning by a lot.
  • All was going well for Olyparchy until Alfred shouted to the nearest village guard.
  • Alfred framed Olyparchy and says that he was the one who started the fight and also brought up his burned belongings from a month ago.
  • Olyparchy got arrested and Alfred left since he was too injured to continue his attack.
  • That night, Meveracker explained the situation to Olyparchy in jail and also told him that The Red Knight was taken down but only after he had slain Chace.
  • Then they both formulated a plan on how to get the castle back from Alaogon.
  • Meveracker went to the castle. He then started throwing large rocks at the wooden bridge, risking it collapsing into the water.
  • Alaogon comes out to see what Meveracker did and becomes very, very angry.
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