Updated: 11/29/2020

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  • E X P O S I T I O N
  • C O N F L I C T
  • R I S I N G A C T I O N
  • Pelias successfully took the throne of Thessaly after he kills his half brother, King Aristo, while Jason was saved by his mother and send him to Chiron.
  • C L I M A X
  • Twenty years later, while Jason was on his Journey to lolcus, he helps an old woman in crossing the river and loses his sandals. He didn't know that he rescued Pelias, the one who murdered his father. Pelias recognized him but he keeps his identity secret from Jason.
  • F A L L I N G A C T I O N
  • Men who have a mighty power from all over Greece joined forces with Jason and set sail in the Argo.
  • R E S O L U T I ON
  • Before Jason can take the Golden Fleece, he needs to accomplish first the three impossible task that was given by Pelias. Medea helps Jason to accomplish the tasks.
  • Zeus sends a number of storms to the Argonauts as punishment after Medea killed her brother. Then, Argonauts suggest that for them to redeem themselves they need to stop at the island of Aeaea to purify themselves from their sin.
  • The Argonauts manage their way back home to lolcus after a lot of obstacles they have faced.
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