The Daily Dilemma
Updated: 4/13/2021
The Daily Dilemma

Storyboard Description

Storyboard on a dilemma in math class

Storyboard Text

  • Miss! I just finished my test!
  • I feel like I'm doing pretty good but I can't solve this last problem and if I need to get a good grade since this is a big test. I bet Johnny in front of me figured it out, he's very smart.
  • Great job Johnny!
  • I can see he finished. I could look off of his paper to get this last answer to complete the test. I can't get caught though or I'll be in big trouble. The teacher also just walked over here too so I could get caught.
  • I have a few different options to consider. I could take a peak at Johnny's paper to get the last answer. I could also ask the teacher to see if she'd help me at all. 
  • Option 1
  • Yes, thank you for asking. I'll give you a hint to help you out.
  • I'm very confused about this last question could you help me?
  • Option 2
  • Claire! Eyes on your on paper! We need to have a chat!
  • *looks at Johnny's paper* Oh no, I got caught. I'm in trouble.
  • My recommended course of action was to ask the teacher for help on the test. In the story, the girl (Claire) could be affected positively or negatively. In a positive way, the teacher would help her on the last problem and she’d get the answer correct. In a more negative way, she could’ve said no to helping Claire which wouldn’t have helped her at all. Johnny and the other student aren’t affected by this choice at all. The teacher is affected because she has to come over and help Claire but as a teacher this is something she does daily. The alternative option is if she would have chosen to cheat off of Johnny there are a lot more negative outcomes. She could’ve been affected negatively if she had gotten caught cheating. However in a positive way, she could’ve gotten the right answer. Johnny could’ve gotten in trouble if the teacher thought he was helping me cheat, and it could’ve been a very bad situation. The teacher would’ve had to deal with this situation which she would definitely prefer to avoid. The other student wasn’t affected much but if the teacher thought everyone was cheating she could’ve been affected as well. I chose option 1 for Claire and asked the teacher for help because it seemed the most logical and it didn’t harm other students.