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Updated: 2/17/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I did no such thing Mr. P! I don't know what you talking about
  • Lucas! You failed all of your finals! You must get your act together if you want to graduate on time!
  • Josh! Don't worry about it! I know I'll be fine! This will blow over, trust me!
  • Dude! What are you going to do about those finals you flunked!!
  • Oh gosh! What do I do?
  • I'm going to go watch cartoons with Sophie!!!
  • Lucas, we got a call from Mr. P today. We need to discuss how we're going to take action!
  • I wonder what's going on with him! He's acting a little strange.
  • Me to!
  • Remember we used to do this every Saturday morning? I missed it so much!
  • Mom! What's wrong?
  • Lucas! You're not taking this seriously! You have to go to summer school and get a tutor on the weekends! I want you to be successful!
  • "SPEAKER"Next up we have Lucas Smith!!