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Updated: 1/6/2021
Gatsby Gram

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  • Young Gatsby, savor your time, you will wish you had in the future.
  • @Mr.RichmanGatsby: #motivationmonday #mancrushmonday. To Gatsby, Dan Cody was his motivator. He gave Gatsby an idea of all the finer things in life, and Gatsby wanted to live up to that standard. Dan Cody made Gatsby realize that he could live a life like Dan does, and indugle in the finer things.
  • @Mr.RichmanGatsby: #transformationtuesday. Gatsby changed his name so he would be able to seem like a richer version of himself, and to seem more fancy. He saw Jay Gatsby as someone who was wealthier and better than James Gatz. He felt that the name Jay Gatsby gave him a new personality to portray to others.
  • @Mr.RichmanGatsby: #womancrushwednesday. Gatsby wants to recover all the time had he lost with Daisy, after not seeing each other over the years. He also wanted to recover the past verison of himself who was with Daisy. He wants to recover their old emotions toward each other, and what had gone into loving Daisy, that had now been lost.
  • @Mr.RichmanGatsby: #throwbackthursday. The ladder represent the steps that Gatsby took to get to his success in life. The secret place above the trees is his future success that he is using the ladder to gte to.
  • @Mr.RichmanGatsby: #flashbackfriday. Daisy is like a flower because when Gatsby kissed her, she blossomed back into reality and life. By "the incarnation was complete" Fitzgerald means that Daisy and Gatsby were full of life and spirit after the kiss, almost like it had brought them back to life.
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