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The tell- tale heart storyboard
Updated: 8/5/2020
The tell- tale heart storyboard
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  • Camila and Daniela- 1MBThe Teel-Tale Heart: By Edgar Allan Poe
  • He had woken up, and wondered who was there, but the room was completely dark, and he didnt´t saw me.
  • Who is there??
  • I could hear the soft noise of his heart, and there it was, my chance get my deserved peace.
  • It was the 8th night that I whatched him sleep, wishing I could end my agony, when just by thinking that he trusted me, I laughed...Oh no, I think he heard that.......
  • His eye wouldn´t bother me anymore.
  • I did such a good joob!!
  • I stayed silent for about one hour. When I finally decided to go further, I lit my lamp, and then I saw, his vulture´s eye, starring at me.
  • But by the time they got here, I was so sure that my plan were foolproof, that I invited them into my house.
  • hahahahahah
  • Now, you can call me mad, but it wasn´t an act of insanity, it was simply my cunning. As the time passed, I just couldn´t take it anymore. I dragged him and killed him.
  • I had nothing to worry about. Suddently I start to hear an familiar sound, and that´s when I realise...
  • I confess! It was me! I killed him!
  • So I dismembered the parts of his body and hid it below the floor of an certain room. After a while, some neighbors heard when the old men shouted earlier, and called the cops.
  • They searched everywere but didn´t find anything, so I picked up some chairs, and put them on the top of the right spot where I hid the body. They were convinced.
  • It was the same noise as the old man´s heart made. I tried everything to make the cops hear, but I couldn´t bare it anymore, they were mocking me. I confessed, it was the only way this would stop.
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