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The Serpent's Shadow p.2
Updated: 2/20/2019
The Serpent's Shadow p.2
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  • Carter and Zia are trying to find the Book of Thoth when they come across a 16-ton hippo. They are all out of tricks until the ghost, Setne, summons Hapi. Hapi gives them pills that can transport them wherever they want to go.
  • Hapi, arise and attack!
  • Setne brings them into an underground tomb to find the Book of Thoth. It is protected by an enchanted bull, but, they eventually defeat it and get the book so they can have the magic required to defeat Apophis.
  • Sadie and Walt are on a mission to find Bes's shadow so they can try to do a reverse excretion to try to bring him back to life. They are looking for the shadow, when suddenly, Neith, the hunting goddess, shows up and challenges them. If Neith wins, she gets to kill them. If Saidie and Walt win, they get the shadow they were looking for. Luckily, they win and they get the shadow.
  • Carter and Sadie convince Jacobi and her gang to help them defeat Apophis because Jacobi has been using magic against them the whole time. They succeed, and they start fighting Apophis.
  • Zia is now hosting the sun god, Ra. According to the prophecy, Apophis will swallow Ra. Carter, Sadie, and the 51st Nome join the fight. Carter accidentally distracts Zia, and Apophis swallows her. Everyone is terrified. They think the world has ended. This gives Carter more incentive to defeat Apophis. Carter and Sadie start chanting the excretion while everyone is fighting Apophis. The excretion actually works and they defeat Apophis.
  • The End
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