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The Hero Twins
Updated: 1/30/2020
The Hero Twins
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  • The story is called: The hero Twins
  • Yeah
  • They better not Fail
  • Come play with us
  • They are getting them
  • The Hero Twins By;Lin Donn The Ancient Maya Indians told many stories, but their favorite story is the story of the twin brother.
  • Two brother that tried to farm, but were terrible at it. What they were good at were the ballgames. When ever the boys played ball crowds would cheered so loudly, that lords of Death in the Underworld.
  • What just happen?!
  • The lords of death love to trick people into dying. They mostly tricked people that were bothering them, or people that were being to loud. The lords invited them to play ball with them
  • The brothers know is was a trick, but the went anyways. they cross the river of Spikes, Blood, Pus. When they got there they were put through lots of test. They passed 2 and failed 2. The lasted test was to see if they could jump over some oven, but they died
  • The lords put their ashes in a river, but something was off. The boys relived that they weren't human, but catfish. They had magic in them, and by saying the words gasped the twins they back into humans. They had powers, that could cut things and themselves up and back again.
  • The lords of death hear about this and wanted to see the boys powers. One Lord asked to be cut up and put him back together. The brothers cut the lord up, but didn't put him back together. The other lords know that they could do the same to them, so they sent them away. The gods saw what have happen then turned one brother into the sun and the other into the moon
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