Photosynthesis Comic Strip
Updated: 12/11/2020
Photosynthesis Comic Strip

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  • Photosynthesis has two reactants, and that is carbon dioxide, and water.
  • I'm getting kinda hungry. My leaves are rumbling. Let's make some Photosynthesis.
  • Plants also make food. I also make glucose and oxygen.
  • Autotroph is when an organism can make it's own food from inorganic materials.
  • For the photosynthesis to work we need to use a process ared the "Light Reactions".
  • What I have in these bowls are sunlight, carbon dioxide,and water.
  • This happens when the sun hits the plant and gives off energy called electrons and transfers energy to become kinetic.
  • The two types of Light Reactions are the light Dependent and the Light Independent (also known as the Calvin Cycle).
  • Chloroplast inside of a plant leaf is the stroma, inner membrane, outer membrane, and thylakoid.
  • First we are going to need carbon dioxide.
  • The Clavin Cycle (light independent) uses carbon dioxide molecules and is used to producer glucose. The things that give off these reactions are ATP and NADPH.
  • Now we add some water to this bowl to show how water is used in leaves.
  • The light-dependent reaction is used to convert ADP to ATP and NADPH to NADPH. When this happens the water is split away from each other and allows the electrons to produce oxygen and Hydrogen Ions.
  • Next, we need sunlight.
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Reactants
  • This is the the process/ Importance of photosynthesis.
  • Water
  • Sun Light Chlorophyll
  • Sugar
  • Products
  • Oxygen
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