Updated: 1/20/2021

Storyboard Text

  • There he was welcomed by Menelaus
  • After having made a party Menelao sets sail for Crete, asking Helena to attend to her guests as they deserve until they left.
  • And Helena.....
  • But Aphrodite joined Helena and Paris ...
  • And after their union they put a great treasure on board and set sail for the night
  • Menelaus implored his brother King Agamemnon to lead an expedition against Troy, which was also known as Ilium.
  • Together they gathered the rulers of Hallas - Reminding them of their sacred oath
  • And so Achilles, the seventh son of Peleus, king of the myrmidons was persuaded to join their forces despite the wishes of his mother the god Thetis.
  • ...GRECIA
  • And in due time thousands of ships sailed from Aulide
  • Priam, king of Troy, though annoyed at the dishonest actions of paris, welcomed Helen queen Hecuba
  • Giving orders to repel the Achaeans if they attacked, Priam relied above all on the two most formidable defenders of Troya.
  • Athena, son of a mortal and of the goddess Aphrodite ...
  • And Priam's own son, Hector the strongest of Ilion's warriors
  • When the Trojans snubbed the Achaeans' demand for the surrender of Helen and her treasure came war
  • There was no Troy without allies on the outskirts, who sent soldiers to protect its exposed fortifications.