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7th Grade
Updated: 8/31/2020
7th Grade
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  • On the first day of school, Victor stood in super long line until he was gave some cards that listed his periods and his one elective: French. He thought he might go to France because it was cool there.
  • He went to his friend, Michael at the water fountain that couldn't turn off. They shook hands, raza-style. Victor realized that Michael was scowling and asked why. Michael thought he looked cool.
  • When the 1st period bell rang, Victor stayed behind with Teresa, keeping his head down on a desk. Then when she was about to leave, he bumped into he and said hi. Later at lunch, he spied on Teresa.
  • In French class, Mr. Bueller asks if anyone knows any French. Victor raises his hand and tries to impress Teresa. So then Mr. Bueller asks a question in French but Victor doesn't know how to respond. So then he failed miserably.
  • When the 5th period bell rang, Victor dashed out of class to get his books and came back. He looked at the teacher then widened his eyes in terror at Teresa who stood in front of him who said that she never knew that Victor knew French
  • Then Teresa asked if Victor could teach her French. He said yes and he was very happy. He thought that Teresa was a nice girl and Mr. Bueller is a nice person.
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