The Crucible Act 1- pg. 8-9
Updated: 2/13/2020
The Crucible Act 1- pg. 8-9

Storyboard Text

  • Get out of here! Betty, please wake up, will you open your eyes!
  • Reverend Parris is looking after his sick daughter, who is unconscious, and Tituba is worried about her.
  • Will Betty be hearty soon... my Betty not goin' die.
  • There be no unnatural causes, speak nothing of it!
  • What does the doctor say?
  • Abigail enters the room followed Susanna and she tells Parris that there isn't any medicine.
  • Speak nothing of it in the village.
  • There is no medicine for it! You might have look for unnatural causes
  • Then why is Betty unmoved since midnight?
  • Abigail confesses to dancing in the forest with Tituba and Betty, but she denies any witchcraft. Parris thinks they conjured spirits and is very anrgy.
  • Your punishment will come, but did you conjure any spirits?
  • We never conjured any spirits.
  • We did dance but there was not any witchcraft involved.